School Celebrations


It’s new for me: celebrating Halloween at school. I mean, really, it’s something I always wanted to do! Alas, our dictator principal told us that we could only have “fall” decorations in Northern Virginia.

But in Mexico, it’s game on! Pumpkins become jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows are replaced by witches, bats, vampires, mummies, and other frightening creatures. Door decorations are over the top–and crepe spider webs hang from the ceilings.

Children come to school in their costumes–scary costumes! Faces are painted and the little goblins are marched around the gym in a Halloween Parade! It’s my favorite part of Ramona the Pest in real life! The baddest witch in the world has nothing on these miniature Mexicans!

Halloween was, of course, followed by Dia de Los Muertos. This was a whole new concept for me: as our dead stay where they belong at home. The kids don’t talk as much about it, but big and small altars are all over the school. Each item on the altar represents one thing or another.

Honestly, I can’t wait until Christmas if this is what we do for Halloween! Christmas in the States was a big no-no too. But rumor has it that we go all out!

You know what’s interesting? The one time I’m allowed to have a celebration for a holiday I love, and the responsible me has a plan: my students were amazing. They didn’t blink twice as I taught Math with a green face. It wasn’t a free-for-all by any means: after all, got to keep the munchkins in control!


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