Baby Poop

One thing about being pregnant in the information age is that I have information at my fingertips. I signed up for these pregnancy e-mail updates about my baby back in July, and now I get almost daily e-mails. Sometimes they are really worthwhile, other times… Well…

So, the other day, my mind was on poop. I blame this on the fact that I plan on using cloth diapers. I’ve been researching since August the best diapers on the bottoms of babies everywhere. I gotta tell you, YouTube wins for truly demonstrating the effectiveness of diapers.

These diapering moms are serious about what they do! You can watch demonstrations for each diaper, watch reviews, and even see how to change a diaper. One mom showed us how to clean out poop from a gdiaper. I’ve watched videos on using pre-fold diapers, and listened to housewives with a lot of time explain and encourage others.

I was further encouraged to use cloth diapers today when at the grocery store I saw 200 peso packages of 30 diapers. I quickly determined that if my friends are being honest, we would go through thirty in three days. That means that we would spend around 500 pesos a week. 2000 pesos a month. Absurd.

Yes, I choose washing out poopy diapers.

Even with what I’ve learned recently about baby poop. See, one of the emails I received was all about baby poop. Seriously. There are even pictures to go along with what they describe as normal and abnormal. I have changed diapers of so many nieces and nephews–but somehow I never saw that black gooey newborn poop.

Oh, there are a lot of things I’m learning about thanks to Internet. And thank goodness too! I might have to buy one package of those throw-away guys for that black poop…

2 responses

  1. Lots of people in the Bay area are having babies, so I’ve been learning quite a bit about newborns, too. And the conversation of poop has definitely come up – one Mommy told me, “you wouldn’t beLEIVE the kinds of colors that babies poop!”
    hahaha – all I can say is….SUERTE!

  2. This may seem very strange to some people – – but since you’re ‘into poop’, I think you’ll understand! I use Potty-Pads for my dogs when it’s raining really bad and they (and I!) don’t want to go out in the rain. And if someone poops on the Potty Pads – would you believe I can actually tell ‘who did it’,but the SMELL of it?! (Of course, it’s ‘allowable, since they use the Pads………) but still…………what a way to ‘identify’ something?! It happens……………… Aunt B

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