Five Things I Would Like to Blame on My Pregnancy

It’s become clear to me as I continue to go through these wacky hormonal changes, that I really have no idea what’s up with my body.  I keep thinking, “Maybe that’s because I am expecting.” Then reality comes knocking, and I remember that I had the same problems quirks before I conceived.

1)  My Attitude.

Remember when I told you about me chewing out the clerk at the Oxxo?  I really would like to believe that it was because I was hungry and in need of a snack.  And maybe it was!  But the truth is–even before this little guy took up residence in my uterus, I got crabby when I needed a snack.

2)  My Sweet Tooth

Before I get any lectures, know that I really do eat soooo much healthier than I have pretty much my whole life.  But the other day, I bought a six-dollar box of Captain Crunch Peanut Butter cereal.  Yummo!  I just said, “This is my favorite cereal in the whole world!” And when the girls encouraged me to buy it because I am pregnant, I said, “Okay!” Sigh.  I also now drink two glasses of chocolate milk a day.  In the morning, it makes me feel less like throwing up.  In the evening, I just really like it before bed.  This might ACTUALLY be a pregnancy thing.  I was never crazy about milk like my other sisters.

3)  My Memory

I forget everything.  In the last week, I have forgotten to take my kids to music, to take my kids to Computer, to send home reminders from the office, and to assign passwords for a reading program.  I want to claim “Pregnancy Brain”–and perhaps it really is worse.  Or maybe I have always been like this.  Probably…

4)  My Emotions

My mom tells this story about when she went to read to my sister’s kindergarten class.  She cried in the story, and a little girl sneered at her.  We used to always laugh at Mama when she cried.  Just the saddest little song or story would set her off.  Well, kids, let this be a lesson:  Don’t laugh at your Mama.  You never know when you will become just like her.

With that said, today I cried.  I was teaching a lesson on both writing personal stories and making connections to literature.  Who better to demonstrate those qualities than Tomie dePaola?  So, with a little Nana Upstairs Nana Downstairs action, the fun began.  I laughed off the tears, but made sure that I emphasized that sometimes when we make connections to text, we laugh.  Or cry.

The problem?  I also cried two years ago when I read When I Was Young in the Mountains to the kids.  I’ll admit: the baby had little to do with this.  This was karma paying me back.

5)  My Sleep Schedule

They say pregnant women get tired.  I know it’s true.  It was pretty much my first clue that I wasn’t alone.  I remember taking my little travel blanket (it was given to me when I came to Mexico by a friend who said it was her favorite travel accessory–I seriously use it weekly…) to school and curling up on the tile floor away from the video camera to take a little nap.  But then again, little naps are my forte.  And if that is all you need as an indicator, well then, my dad, Master Napper, has been pregnant my whole life.

I’ve proudly crawled into bed by nine o’clock three nights this week.  And when invited to birthday parties or soccer games, I have to plead tired-pregnant-women-needs-her-rest.  (It works…)

With that said, I guess it’s safe to say that this mess of a woman has always been a mess.  With or without a baby-to-be, some things will never change.

3 responses

  1. Hysterical and so relatable! I’m going to have to go fin your post about the Oxxo clerk. These five reasons are exactly why I love being pregnant! Excuses without judgement!

  2. 1. Chocolate milk is my international drink of choice. I love chocolate milk in Australia, and Latin America – when I was in Costa Rica I drank about 2 (maybe three) cartons of chocolate milk each day. So maybe it’s not a pregnancy thing, maybe it’s just a “not in America” thing.
    2. I used to be able to sleep so well, and now I have a really hard time sleeping. When I finally fall asleep, I wake up in the middle of the night. I really hope pregnancy isn’t the only cure for insomnia haha!!

  3. Sweet nino, this was a great post. I could relate to so many of those things! Hate to tell you, but there’s a whole new set of things that we make excuses for when we have a new baby! 🙂 Oh, and when I read you use your blanket every week, I teared up just a little. I’m not preggo, just tired and I MISS YOU!!!! Work is about to get better then we can skype with our babies much more often! Love you bunches…

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