Raising a Reader (I Hope…)


I have been studying literacy since I became a teacher. What to do, what not to do, etc.

But suddenly it is all becoming so real! After all, this little guy inside me can now hear my voice. And so I read. Aloud.

I remember reading somewhere how important it is to hold your babies which reading. What you’re reading matters less–after all, they can’t yet understand. But they do begin to associate love with reading.

And so I read.

I read my bible at night when I read for myself. Hearing Proverbs outloud helps me too. I read daily to my students–all the while thinking of my most precious student. And I read her very first book to her. A book I begged Victor to let me buy (it was a little pricy).

I bought it, of course with baby in mind. Because I also read how important it is for babies to be able to interact with books. Hence the reason why baby books are soft, hard, textured and able to be chewed. This is a soft book–it crinkles and has a horn-like squeeze toy inside.


And I am training my husband. Literacy isn’t a priority here in Mexico, and I won’t be having a Mexican child who can’t take advantage of all those scholarships available to him (joking). So Papi reads too.

Oh, baby-of-mine, listen, will you? This world is full of adventure, and oh! the places you’ll go!


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  1. I love reading but do a horrible job reading out loud. I forget how powerful and important it is, with a baby in utero or not! My husband is also from Mexico – luckily he is an avid reader, but I understand the culture in Mexico! It boggled my mind how all the books at the bookstores were shrink wrapped, and there were no couches to sit on. Good luck, your baby will be a great bilingual reader!

  2. Way to go Jania!!! Lovya, Gramma Jean… Recently celebrated my second 40th birthday and attended my 62nd high school class reunion with my brother, Jack on sunday

  3. Oh, how wonderful! I did’nt know reading this early was so important, so your oldest sister didn’t get that advantage. Unknown to me though I did give that to the rest of you because I read so much to your elder siblings. Ha! Wish I was there to tell my grandchild just how much his grandmama loves him, or her, who cares, we have another one to love! Writing this from work before school! Love you

  4. Your husband is adorable. I listened to him read that whole story and loved every minute of it. You guys are going to be wonderful parents. Some of the sentences were a little bit lost in translation, but he did a pretty good job for the most part!! 🙂 I especially loved when he got really excited about the elafantito, and then honked the heck outta that book HAHAHA!

  5. You know something that this reminds me of?……it used to kinda amaze me that you and your siblings never cried – from being scared – when we started singing in meetings….even when you were just a few days/weeks old. Finally it ‘clicked’ – that you had been hearing that singing for 9 months and you were not only used to ‘singing’ but used to OUR singing – – which might have been off-key, too loud, too fast, too …whatever…………..you were used to it all! Aunt B

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