Time for Change

My word.

Today, the Jania-beast was released on a helpless clerk at Oxxo.  Wait.  Not the regular Jania-beast, but the pregnant Jania-beast.  (She’s a lot more ferocious…)  Oxxo is similar to 711, and has a location within walking distance to the school.  So, this pregnant lady needed a pick-me-up during the day, and decided to scoot on over to Oxxo for some snacks.  Little did I know the fuss that would ensue.

I made some wise choices (a banana) and some not-so-wise choices  (BBQ chips), and carried my arm full of goodies up to the register.  I was buying all my stuff with a debit card, but I had a separate purchase that I was using cash on–as I had agreed to pick up some cookies for a co-worker.  Not too difficult, as I kept the cookies and the cash in one hand, and passed my card over to the lady (young girl) behind the counter.

And then the words that fill me with rage in Mexico.  No tengo cambio.  I don’t have change.


You don’t have 40 pesos?  I said in spanish.

No, she continues, unless you want one cent pesos.  This would be like me getting four dollars in nickles…

I just couldn’t let this one slide.  Actually, who am I kidding?  I never let it slide.  This is a problem, I said.  This is a store, you should have change here. 

I honestly don’t feel that I can properly relay my frustration to you.  There. Is. NEVER. Change. In. Mexico.  NEVER.

So, in my true fashion, I told her that I didn’t want any of my purchases.  I proceeded to buy the cookies for my friend–and I left.  Now, I know that I just made a super horrible impression on that poor Mexican girl.  She is probably blogging about the crazy American chick who threw a fit because she couldn’t use a fifty pesos bill (Around four dollars).  She will undoubtedly remember me when (if) I return.  Sigh.

Couldn’t they just make life a little easier for this expat?  Come on, Mexico!  Make a little change!

2 responses

  1. Way to go Jania! Never mess with a PG woman! That is what I say. We’re the tears (of frustration) flowing before you left or later? I went berserk in Sears when we lived in Newport, RI. Sears was over an hour from Navy housing. It is pretty funny now, but soooo not funny then. Love you bunches girl friend.


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