An Ode to Coffee

Oh, how I’ve loved the time we’ve spent together. No matter where life takes me, you always know what comfort I need.

In Minnesota, you partnered with Hazelnut–and I purchased you in the cutest coffee store downtown. Hazelnut always reminds me of Minnesota now. I think of curling up in my chair with a good cup of you while I chatted with my downstairs neighbor. My list of worries was short, but you snuck your way into my heart.

During college, you always perked me up when my feet were dragging. During my 38 credit hour semester, you knew that an original cup wouldn’t cut it–and you introduced me to your stronger side, Espresso. Breaking up with espresso at the end of the semester was hard, and like all breakups, it hurt to be apart. Too bad he was so controlling!

When I moved to Florida, a cup at home lost it’s appeal. I needed to get away– and lucky for me, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts were always close by. Living on the beach was a hot affair, and I could always count on a little ice, sugar, and cream to take me the rest of the way.

In Virginia, 711’s coffee bar impressed the heck out of me. I learned how delicious you are mixed with seasonal creamers, and I awaited Pumpkin Spice each fall with a heart full of longing (after being apart for so long). I also snuck to take Jenny and Jean Marc’s pods of deliciousness in a single cup. You gave me the power to keep going when life around me wasn’t going.

And then, in Mexico, I was introduced a pure form of you! Beans grown by my in-laws and ground right there by hand. I appreciated all the hard work it had taken to bring us together. I didn’t know you could be so smooth going down! You didn’t keep me awake–even late in the evening I could partake of your glory and still get a good night’s rest.

Oh, dear coffee, what sweet memories you’ve given me!

So when I gag while a pot of you is brewing, don’t take it personal… I still have a special place for you in my heart. Unfortunately, this unborn babe I’m growing seems a bit jealous of all we’ve been through. Stay strong! Before you know it, we will be reunited. (And yes, it will feel so good.)

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