A Registry For Baby-to-Be

So, it’s a little awkward to be honest.  1)  I know very little about what I need for a baby.  2)  I feel like I am asking for presents.  3)  Carting items back to the States isn’t much of an option, so direct shipping is a must.  Luckily, it isn’t a steep increase from what I can see.

I’ll admit that I started creating my registry back when only my family new about this new addition.  I was pretty secretive about it, after all, who makes a registry when they’re barely a couple of months along?  Turns out, lots of first time mamas.  We just get so excited, and feel like we should go ahead and jump in!

The thing is, while I feel like I am not a complete novice (12 nieces and nephews, after all), I really know very little about what goes on behind the curtains.  I mean, what does a baby really need?  It eats.  I’ve got that covered (I hope).  It poops.  Diapers–check!  It sleeps.  No worries!  So do I!  So what else will the little guy require?

A lot.

My goal is to keep this as minimalistic as possible.  That’s why I decided to stop now.  I started adding clothes, and I decided I should at least hold off a while.  Babies don’t really need clothes do they? Totally joking.  Don’t call CPS.  But really, I don’t need or want a lot of extra “stuff.” I just want my baby to have what he needs!

So, with that said, the registry is basic.  And still, I ended up with 62 items.  How?

I won’t lie and say it isn’t super exciting.  I like to show Victor items on the registry.  Mainly because as simplistic as I am (trying to be), he was raised with next to nothing.  We laugh about women in Chiapas–because they don’t use strollers.  They carry their babies everywhere!  The only time I’ve seen women with strollers, it has been foreigners.  And yet, I registered for a stroller…  He actually helped with that item, but I overrode his nearly $400.00 choice.  Obviously he had NO idea it cost that much.  They string up hammocks for their babies, and away they swing!

We added a Moses basket today.  Perhaps this is a little over-the-top, but I see this being pretty useful!  I mean, when I am not holding (or feeding) the pumpkin, I’d still like her to be nearby!  Who knew they had a stand that rocks for Moses baskets?  Darn you, Amazon, for making suggestions on what else to add!!

My favorite thing(s) we registered for are the diapers.  Have you seen cloth diapers lately?  Someone today told me that I needed to start stocking up on diapers.  When I told her that we were cloth diapering, she was appalled.  Really, could it be that bad?  I mean, have you seen the advances in diapers?  And quite frankly, we live in Mexico.  Is it really a big stretch to imagine cloth diapering?  I can see where working moms in the States would be hesitant.  But really, what do we have to lose?  The money we save is a factor, but it mostly comes down to this:  (WARNING:  Daddy, if you don’t  want too much info, look away!)  I stopped wearing pads because I hate the way they feels.  They cause rashes, and are quite uncomfortable.  Why would I subject precious, soft, new baby skin to that?  All day long.  For a couple of years.  It’s no wonder they have horrible diaper rashes!

Despite my excitement, I do wonder if we’re headed in the right direction.  Guidance from Moms (and Dads) with experience is more than welcomed!  What does a baby need other than me, my fresh food supply, and a lot of love?

4 responses

  1. Well, you’re gonna need tubes and tubes of Pasta de Lassar instead of talc (Never, NEVER put talc on a child!), real chamomile (to combat the diaper rash that will come – there’s no escaping it) and buy some nice, warm blankets for you and the baby.
    As for yourself, store up some easy-to-prepare food for the first weeks after giving birth when you can’t move around that much and are exhausted with the new situation. Also, around 4 month after the baby is born, your hair might start falling out, so Folicure, Crece-Fem, or any other good shampoo is a must.
    Can’t think of anything else right now, but if I do, I’ll write again.
    Best luck!

  2. Okay this is going to sound crazy – send me where you’re registered at and I’ll tell you if there are things on it we NEVER used but were told we NEEDED!! 🙂 email is birminghambellblog@gmail.com (you don’t have to do it, I can see where it sounds creepy haha) As for the baby moses basket – I never used one with the first (or got one) BUT I’m 13 weeks now and I NEED it. I’m getting one! They’re just irresistible on restoration hardwares site!! Here are the things I could’nt have survived without: A few ginormous boxes of wipes that I still have and my kid is 10 months old! A diaper pale (started using after 3 months when the poop start to stink). At least 8 bottles (or you’ll drive yourself nuts when you run out of clean ones every few hours! Breastmilk storage bags. Breast pump. Newborn size clothing (with the little hand covers attached) because everyone bought me a size bigger than that and mine didn’t get out of newborn size til 3 months! Pacifiers. (I was against them at first) Nursing pads. Nursing bra hollister for pumping with no hands. Bottle drying rack and bottle cleaning brush. 2 sets of sheets. wash cloths because I hated burp cloths since ours didn’t spitup much ever… I’m sure I’m missing a few! oh yea one other thing, re usable diapers…… the Gdiapers are really cute! I just started to use them and found that to be successful (and not go crazy), you’ll need at least 8 of the covers and 15 or more of the little cloth inserts that they pee on. That will give you a great starter kit for success! We buy disposables too for when others watch her, or if we are just having a busy/hard day. Plus they’re cheaper than the disposable inserts for cloth diapers- so why the heck not use the easier cheaper option for random disposable days! 🙂 Hope that helped..and really i will look at the registry and give my opinion 🙂 You can come see me at http://www.birminghambell.com I love new people and fellow preggers!


  3. Obviously, I’m not that experienced in the way of babies – but I think that cloth diapers totally rock. ESPECIALLY in a country where “taking the trash out” isn’t as easy as it sounds – as long as you have access to a washing machine?
    Also, I think it’s amazing that you’re going to raise yo’ baby in Mexico. Whenever I see women with babies in Latin America I always think “que mujer fuerte!!”

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