Out of the Closet


I think I got baby’s seal of approval yesterday. It came in the form of me feeling her for the first time! At least I think that’s what it was… I really thought it would be stronger–like a little knock while she says, “Hey Mama! Look at me!” It was more like this weird stirring down near my bladder.

I’ve decided baby was happy because she’s not being ignored anymore. I FINALLY told the school about her. That was interesting.

I told my principal first. Her response was perfect: while surprised, she said, “Babies are always welcome!” Ahhh, perfect! If only we could have skipped the debacle yesterday of the director telling me I should have told him before he hired me. To which I replied, “Would you have hired me if I had told you?

Well, that’s over and done with, and my baby is happy. So happy that she’s letting me sleep! Sleeping has been hard the last week or so. I have always been a tummy sleeper, and I try to roll over in my sleep. Every time I move I either have to get up and pee–or I’m just incredibly uncomfortable.

I have wanted a baby for just about forever. Why didn’t anyone tell me that this isn’t the most glamorous experience? When will I start glowing and stop gagging?

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