Doing His Thang

My husband is quite efficient. Really, the biggest problem is that he is bored out of his mind while he looks for a job. Today I came home and thanked him for cleaning and doing the clothes. He said, “I mopped the floor. Three times.”.

Poor guy. It is a hard-knock life when all your experience is in another country. Luckily, his local I.D. should be here soon, and that will help make him look stable.

What’s amazing though is what he shows me. One day, he took me out back to show me his plants. We only have a little soil, but he planted beans, watermelon, and cucumbers. This is the coolest contraption:


The top is where he pours the water. It slowly filters through the remaining pots. Finally, it is contained in the last container, where it may be reused.




I am waiting for our fruit trees to produce. This is a tangerine tree we think. We also have a pomegranate tree but it only has a little fruit. Our neighbors bananas hang pretty close to our wall–Thou shall not covet your neighbors bananas. Lucky for us, another neighbor (with whom I teach) has a grapefruit tree that is heavy laden. Even better: she hates grapefruit! She also has a tangerine and a lemon tree. I can’t wait to help her eat those goodies!

Victor and I are hoping to have a patio garden after winter. I look forward to seeing what else my husband can do!

2 responses

  1. So cool!! What a handy husband you’ve got. I’m so celosa of all the homegrown fruit you get to eat (I bought some almost ripe avocados for a fortune at safeway today…I remember when I used to be able to walk to the corner in Nica and buy a HUUUUGE buttery delicious avocado for 50 cents).

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