A New Convention–A New Home

How do I begin to tell you the amazing weekend that Victor and I had?

Of course, a convention weekend couldn’t start smoothly.  The chance to cause major upheaval is something the enemy doesn’t pass up.  So, while Victor and I found bus tickets to Monterrey, then to another little town–we did have some hiccups.  Some hiccups that could have been disastrous.

We had instructions to call our friends when we arrived to Monterrey, and let them know when we would make the next destination.  We did this, letting them know we should be there by 9:45 (later than I had hoped…)  Unfortunately, both of us were waiting for a bus terminal.  Not some dinky stop on the side of the road.  So, 45 minutes later (10:30 pm), we finally ask when we will arrive.  The bus kindly let us off, and instructed us to take a bus back the way we’d come.  So, we did.  We really didn’t know if we would get to Allende and find out that the workers (our ride) had left.  Lucky for us, they were still there.

Once to the grounds, we separated our things, and had a quick night snack.  Both of us were hungry after traveling for 8 hours on the bus.

This is where my luck changed.

The bed they had for me was in the dorm room with the younger girls.  Every night they lock the doors, and how lucky I am they did!  I got to sleep with the old ladies!  And with an air conditioner!  And fans!  It was amazingly wonderful.  They doted on me the next couple days–even though I struggled to communicate.

Our privilege was beyond words.  It was Victor’s first [real] convention, and I wasnt quite sure what he would think.  He loved it, and while the questions people asked were strange at first, he soon just fit right in.  He told them all about our past (and future!)–as well as about our families.  At one point, I looked for him before breakfast, and found him sitting up out-of-the-way with this old man just chatting away drinking coffee.  It really warmed my heart.

We met new friends, greeted old friends–and found connections in places we didn’t expect.  We look forward to our sister workers returning to Torreon.  We must buy another bed soon so that we have plenty of space.   On a sadder note, we meant to take pictures of the thatched roofs, the grounds, and our Sunday best–but time got away from us.  We snapped a picture on the bus ride back to Torreon.  More pictures next time…

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