Walking Zapatos

How many of you walked to meeting this morning? In the hot sun? In sandals?

How many of you walked to and from the grocery store last night just to buy tortillas?

It’s actually one of my favorite things about Mexico, but fewer people walk here. I suppose because it’s quite the jaunt. In Chiapas, our store was less than 1/2 mile away. Here, it is at least a mile. (We do pass another store on our way…)

I say the expats here don’t really know how lucky they are. Taxis are cheap–and the school provides so much help. They also thought it was strange Friday when I headed to a co-worker’s house on foot.

You know what’s really nice though? I get to know my husband better. I mean, we walk for miles–and all we can do is talk! So we do. We talk about family–his, mine, ours. We talk about meeting. Yesterday I told him the story of Moses (I was shocked that he had never heard it!) He tells me his plans, and I make plans for us. And in between it all–we get to learn all about this mess of a city we moved to!

Last weekend we stumbled upon a Train/Railroad Museum. This is my boss-man.

Jefe is the boss…

We met the fattest Mexican kid ever–and I fell in love.


Oh, the places you never thought you’d end up!

2 responses

  1. Well, it sounds like, in typical Jania-fashion – – you’re enjoying everything that life throws to you, kiddo. Just ONE of the many things to love about you!

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