Blessed Beyond Belief

Tonight I feel so blessed. I lay here in bed thinking of my stressful day–anticipating tomorrow’s sure-to-be stressful day. But that’s life.

I can say that with a smile right now. That wasn’t the case this time last year.

In fact, today one year ago, I was laying in bed crying over my stressful day–anticipating a year of stress to come. I talked to the people who love me most, and I went to bed that night crying and praying simultaneously. My first day back to work, and I already felt like someone had dropped a pile of bricks on me.

The next day, it was as if a weight was lifted as I went to talk to my administrator. I listened to her twist my words and blame me for my unhappiness. I replied with respectful–yet hard to hear, I’m sure– observations of the problems that were tearing apart a great community school. I know now that I was given peace and wisdom–and calmly, I (with help from my friends) moved out of my classroom. My apartment was loaded down with boxes of books, puppets, an easel, and more. Most of those boxes are still untouched at my Dad’s apartment.

Some people have a hard time understanding how my family has supported my wild-and-seemingly-irrational choices of the last year. I could have never imagined the journey that has been my life this past year. Some things are bigger than we can dream.

So, here I am: in Mexico. Teaching again–when I swore a year ago that it wasn’t the profession for me. Here I am: lying in bed smiling over my stressful day. A lot has changed in one year.

Oh, I know the heart that planneth–naught but good for me…

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