A Heck of a Mess

So, when I was home in Tennessee for a short while, I received a letter telling me that “suspicious activity” had been registered on my SunTrust account.  I just chalked it up to using my card in various countries, and went about my way.

I went about my way until I ran out of pesos and needed to access my SunTrust account.  Then we had problems.

So, I called yesterday, and the lady assured me that yes, I am a victim of fraud.  Luckily, the guys at SunTrust are on top of it, and they stopped the bull before he wrecked the china shop.  Only my china shop is so broke, it would be more like a donkey in a plastics store in Mexico.  (They have these weird plastic stores, where everything you could want that is plastic goes to die.  Bowls, cups, buckets, water bottles, etc.)Sun

Yes, I did spend seven dollars at Cash Saver.

No, I did not spend 350 dollars at Walmart in Minnesotta.  In fact, my account hasn’t had that much money in a long time!!

So, today, when I called back, I found out that in order to access my account, I would have to join a circus and jump through hoops.  Seriously.  I have to call from the ATM.  Okay, lady,  I explain We just have one teensy tinsie problem.  In order to call you, I have to be at home.  On Skype.  That won’t work.  Okay, lady, I’ll try.

Victor and I walked to the ATM.  Surprise!  It didn’t work.  We walk home.

I decided that Victor could go to the ATM, and I could stay home.  I would send him a message when I am on the line with the SunTrust guy.  Then he would quick-as-a-blink withdraw money for us to live on.

Good plan.  Good plan if you have saldo on your phone.  Saldo is credit for pre-paid phones.  All cell phones seem to be pre-paid in Mexico.  Guess what you need to get saldo?  Money.  Guess where you get that?  The ATM.  Guess what you need?  A functioning ATM card…

We stopped by a co-teacher’s house and asked to borrow her phone–promising to recharge her some saldo.  Plan in action.

I go home and write out directions for Victor.  (He’s such a man.)  1) Go to the ATM.  2)  Call me.  3)  Get money.  4)  Get Saldo.  I quickly call the SunTrust guru when Victor lets me know he is there.  By this time, everyone in America is off work, and the wait is FOR-EV-ER.  With my iPhone (skype) on one ear, and Victor on the other, we completed our routine in the Big Top.  My hoop jumping days better be over, SunTrust.

4 responses

  1. Not to act like a mother… but next time you get a report of suspicious activity, follow through! Also let your bank know when you are travelling… it’s a pain but it sure helps. Ok now that I’ve mothered you, your account of the mess is hilarious!

  2. Sounds all too much like the same problem I’m having RIGHT NOW. Trying to get it taken care of before it gets any worse – – and I just go round and round and round with the bank – – and guess what – – I’m right back where I started from. Have a credit card which non one will accept, and the bank will not issue me a new card, change my number………..NOTHING.

  3. Ehh, mess. They made us jump through hoops too when someone had placed a tracker on an ATM in Mexico on Chucho’s card and then told us we could never have a debit card again because of the financial liability. (Even though he didn’t lose it and it was nothing of our fault) That was at the credit union.

    What a mess. I do pity you on that one…Super duper annoying and a hassle.

    Be careful.

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