Are We in America?

It’s strange here.

I went grocery shopping the other day at Al Super.  I bought milk.  In a jug.  Imported from the United States of America.


People drive in their own lanes here.  The taxis don’t swerve all over the place, AND you have to wear your seatbelt (in the front seat).

Double Weird.

Our house is amazing.  I have three bedrooms, two bathrooms (with showers), a huge living space, an American style kitchen (a built-in stove, cabinets, counter tops), a swamp cooler (it’s kind of like an air conditioner), and a washing machine!!

Am I blowing your mind?

You are probably thinking it is no big deal.  I mean, after all, all houses have those things.  So wrong. Chiapas was nothing like this.  Don’t get me wrong–I am not complaining a bit about the conveniences of Torreon!

The weather is really different too.  It is hot.  Chiapas was hot and humid, but it is very dry here.  We don’t sweat at all (In Chiapas, the back of my head was always wet from sweating).  The days are hot and sunny, but around 6:30-7:00, it starts too cool down some.  The park across the street becomes littered with people running, biking, roller blading.  The path way is paved too (Our old park had a gravel track.)

I almost feel cheated–like I am not REALLY in Mexico.  If it weren’t for the bikes stands selling ice cream on the street and in the park and the desire of vendors to put hot sauce on watermelon, I would wonder.  Even the Mexican food here is more like what we are used to in the United States.  I had burritos covered in cheese sauce the other day.  I actually have become acclimated to real Mexican food, and I scraped the sauce off to the side.  We have the most delicious little creations called gorditas.  The name makes me want to refrain from eating them, but I can’t.  (Gordita means little fat one).

Gorditas (as far as I can tell) are made two ways.  The first time I had them, they were corn gorditas.  It’s almost like a round disc of cornbread stuffed with something delicious (beans, cheese, potatoes, peppers, etc).  Since then, we seem to only see flour gorditas which, in my opinion, aren’t as tasty.  Yum.

It makes me want to go eat one now.  Maybe I will.

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