Corny Business

Princesa Dyanita and Maci–Dee Dee did actually shuck that corn in front of her (with a little help).

When we were young, I remember Mama and Mamaw getting all kinds of fresh produce to put away for winter.  One time, someone delivered a pickup truck with the bed loaded down with a mess of green beans.  We pulled them off the vines, strung and snapped them for canning.  Another time, I remember sitting beside the cow pasture shucking corn.  We would pull the husk off and throw them over the fence (where all the scraps went…in the country, you don’t throw food in the trashcan…)  Everything had to be inspected, and more than once we were instructed to lick our calf over (redo the job we hadn’t correctly sufficiently completed).

Just the other day Mama showed up with a bag of sweet corn.  They really could stand to get a little of that stuff in Mexico–corn there was all dry and not sweet at all.  I took it out on the porch and asked the kids to help out.  I showed them how to pull the pelo de elote hair of the corn off, bringing the shuck down with it.  They had their own methods…

At one point, my witty nephew, Spencer (who recently got a haircut–thank goodness!), said, “Look, Nino!  An ear of corn!”

We were going to scrape all the corn of the cobs and freeze it for later use, but quite frankly, we couldn’t pass it up!  Especially when we discovered it was pretty good raw, and Mama took pity on Dyana–who cleaned a half of a raw cob…

Delicious summer yummies!  Ummm Ummm!  (To be said while rubbing your tummy and licking your lips…)

2 responses

  1. LOVE IT ALL. Pics of kiddos, description of ‘shucking corn’ – all that stuff. Sounds like my kind of people But are you SURE that’s a picture of Maci? Looks like Jami to me. Maci is a beautiful girl.

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