I Like That Man

“I like that man, Nini!” my three year old nephew told me the other day.  This is after he and his sister decided that they wanted to Skype with Victor.  Of course, that really consisted of them sitting on my lap avoiding talking to him–except with short mysterious answers.  “Where is your dad?” Victor asked in Spanish.  “He’s at work all day long,” replied Orlando.  All day long is his new addition to every sentence.  i.e. “I love chicken all day long!”

When all the family was in, it really warmed my heart when my brother’s two oldest sons wanted to talk to Victor too.  I finally went and laid down as he asked them about their family, etc.  When the Spanish lessons began, the connection went out.  “Aww, man!” exclaimed Jacob, “It was just getting good!”  When we recovered the call, the kids hopped back on the computer and the conversation went on.

See, Skyping with your husband in Mexico is always a family affair.   Half of the time, Victor will position the computer so that I can chat with his mom, sister, or the niece of the day.  Yesterday his niece, Paola, sat beside him the whole time, resting her head on his shoulder, occasionally asking questions.  That was the first time I had met her.  Later I called his cell, and she asked, “Is she teaching a class right now?”  “No,” Victor replied, “she’s busy with other things.”  “Well, can she call on the computer?” she suggested.

When his sister is around, I get questions like, “When are you coming back?”  Turns out that they are all still pretty apprehensive that I will choose to return to Chiapas…

I don’t mind the family calls really.  I think the only time that we’ve had a private call was in the middle of the day last week.  Everyone in both houses were gone, and it was almost strange to not have a niece or nephew walk by and wave.  The beauty of Skype is that the call is more personal–And my mom will tell you that she feels like she already knew Victor when I announced my new husband.  (She likes to “read” people, and apparently studied his every move.) Getting to know new in-laws via a computer might actually take some of the pressure off, huh?

I love that he takes the time to talk to these kids he’s never met–and I know that he will be just as attentive in person.  He sure is charming Mexican with a heart of gold.  I like that man!


5 responses

  1. Okay, so you referred to the nuptuals so obliquely on your blog, that I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Well, a very belated congratulations. Sounds like your life is going to be complicated for a while. I wish you the best of luck and am very happy for you.

  2. I like that man too. Haven’t met him, of course, but if he’s won the heart of my ‘Nia, then he’s got to be a good feller!! Cause I think ‘Nia is ‘tops’, you know!

    Aunt B

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