My Ah-Ha! Moment

Yesterday my nephews were sitting at the table arguing.  Because I am 1) nosy and 2) a teacher I stuck an ear out first to listen.  Umm hmmm…intervention needed.  They were playing Monopoly, but they were missing 1) one die 2) a Pennsylvania Railroad Property Title (no one was allowed to buy it in their version) 3) the rules 4) me.  I helped solve all of those problems.

I remember playing Monopoly for days when we were younger.  My brother had this friend (on whom I had the biggest crush), and they would play for weeks.  The games never ended–they would just pick up where they left off the next time Sam came over to our house (This was probably because we didn’t have a TV–they also spent a lot of time exploring the woods outside).  Occasionally we were allowed to disturb the saved game, and we would play a family game of Monopoly.

Keep in mind, this is not that new-fangled Monopoly game.  Some third graders were playing that in Mexico, and I was appalled.  Gone is the money.   Gone is the adding, the subtracting, the math.  It’s basically a teacher’s nightmare.  They have credit cards for crying out loud!  Sigh.  What’s the matter with this world we’re living in?

Well, let me tell you:  I think I know why Mom hates this game.  Who in the world would make a game about real life?–and not the parts we enjoy about real life!  Forgive me if you’ve played the game recently, but I must rehash:  You pay income tax.  You pay utility bills.  You pay fees for everything under the sun.  Granted, the game is based on the idea that you “buy” property.  When people land on your property, they must pay “rent.”  Therefore you can also earn money, but if your nephew owns three railroads, you must pay a lot of rent…

Like the real game of life, I lost when it came to accruing property and money.  Turns out that even the board game likes to leave me broke.  Go figure.  I believe I will follow my mom’s example, and avoid future games of Monopoly.  That is, I will until I really CAN collect $200 just for coming back to where I started–and taking off again.

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