A House Full of Kids

Mom made the comment the other day as my nephew thundered up the stairs, “That’s like music to my ears.”  She told me, “That house was built for children…”

Having the kids here has been a blast (although I now never have Mama to myself).  My nephew is currently wearing my Mama’s scarf, and my niece is wearing my rather large “C’est la Vie!” shirt.  She’s being a monster.  She goes back and forth between wanting to be pretty and growling at me.

Earlier my other two nephews played a rather long game of hide-n-seek.  I was pretty impressed.  At least I was impressed until the oldest “hid” in the locked bathroom.  What a cheater!  I also employed those two to lug all my things up two flights of stairs.  A couple weeks ago Mama had my brother’s two oldest carry all my boxes that I’ve left at her house for years downstairs.  She wanted everything in one room so that I could “purge.”  Yesterday, in an effort to get their own bedroom, the boys volunteered to clean out the room I used pretended to use last fall.  I threw away or gave away half of everything I owned.

My oldest niece even lets me do her hair!  That’s amazingly rewarding–as she has enough hair for three people easily.  She also doesn’t micromanage whatever I try to do to her, and lets me play beauty shop!  Where was she when I was ten?

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