Rainy Day Fun (Family Vacation Day Five)

Well, it’s my oldest niece’s birthday, and in preparation last night we made a cake.  A big cake.  A thirteen layer cake.  My niece is thirteen, and this was her request.  What kind of aunt would I be if I refused to attempt a 13 layer cake?  A smart one…

Actually, it looks pretty cool (and tastes delicious!).  We added food coloring to half of the layers, and the kids helped stir it in.  The cake is a simple white cake, and in between are layers of cooked strawberries and butter-cream icing.  Que rico!  How rich (or yummy)!  I had a bit of a problem assembling the cake–and had to rely on my trusty sidekick, Mama.  Mostly she tends to calm me down and offer solicited advice.

After a delicious lunch of chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and homemade rolls (Yes, I did say lunch…) the kiddos were herded outside to play.  In the rain.

Mama about had a conniption fit when she found out that a resourceful group of seven grandsons had turned on the water hose to aide them in the building of a canal in her gravel driveway.  Quickly she did what any other reasonable grandmother would do:  She directed them to fill in the canal, and take their waterworks to the red clay.  She then joined them in dragging her bare-feet in the mud to make gullies  for the rainwater to gather.  Abuelita mejor!  Best Grandmother!

Soon after the kids Mom and the kids played in the mud, they began washing off.  I think it at least started that way…  Anyone who knows my mom knows that she has this thing about water fights.  This turned out to be a water fight of epic proportion.  She (of course) was armed with the water hose, and the kids were trying to get their hands on anything they could that would hold water.  My nephew, Landon, was filling up a bucket with water that he first emptied from the wagon to the pool–then from the pool to the bucket.  He was sneaking up on the porch to get Jenny.

The natural progression was a mud-fight, followed by another cleaning.  After the cleaning Mama stood at the Slip and Slide and kept the water going for the kids.  (Keep in mind that it has been sprinkling the whole time…)

The kids were dried and changed.  The clothes were collected to be washed.  The children (and adult, Mom) began to calm down…

Ahhh…another exciting day at the Blakley house.  This is way better than Dollywood could ever be!

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