Who’s Your Boss? (Family Vacation Day Three)

So, I am back at home in Tennessee.  I have faced the firing squad–I have answered the countless questions my family insists on asking about Victor (no surprise).  It isn’t hard to talk about someone who is so amazing though.  I just wish the family could actually meet him right now too.  Algun dia Someday…

Our house is an exciting place to be:

We have 12 children under the age of 13.  Five adults.  Two significant others.  One dog.  And the Mumsie and the Popsie of the family.  Ten children and six adults are all sleeping on four beds, one cot, one hammock, and two couches.

Ah, yes.  Family time in Tennessee.  Just as nutty as I expected it to be–but fun, none-the-less.

So, the kids are really getting along fabulously.  The adults are the only people who’ve threatened the peace (myself included).  We have entertained with a trip to the pool and yesterday the aquarium.  Today we are heading back to the pool–as that really seemed to be a hit.  I just don’t know if I have the energy.  I am exhausted already, and it is just day three.

Part of the exhaustion comes from the kids.  I have been waking up early and fixing breakfast.  My brother decreed tomorrow cereal day.  I am grateful.  Two days I have made biscuits and gravy.  This morning I made breakfast burritos.  My sweet Mama helped me yesterday, and my darlin’ cuñada sister-in-law helped be today.  I am tired.

Today a power struggle has begun, and I kinda can’t wait to watch it play out.  I know who is boss here.  WE ALL know who is boss here.  My Mama.  (Sorry, Daddy.)  And my nephew has tangled with the wrong jefa boss.  Unfortunately, he actually thinks he will win this one.  So amusing.  He doesn’t know how my Mama works.  Or just how stubborn she is.  Especially if you dare to lie.  But, he is finding out the hard way.

He has been separated from the other chamacos kids for a couple of hours.  And my Mama can keep a punishment going until you break.  It’s been a good example to the other kids who might think that they will get away with things the way they might with other adults.  Mama Blakley is not someone you tangle with.  Not unless you plan on sportin’ some nasty battle wounds (to your pride) as you crawl back begging to be accepted back into the Circle of Trust.  And you will crawl back.  Everyone does…

Silly boy.  This will be one family vacation you will never forget.


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