Teacher Let the Monkeys Out


School’s out! School’s out! Teacher let the monkeys out!

Today is my last day in Chiapas. Tomorrow morning bright and early I hop on a plane to Tennessee. It’s so strange that it is all over. I am tired and ready to go home, but I will miss my friends at The American School Foundation of Chiapas (and, of course, my other friends!).

Today is a good day to really love students. There were only six out of 52 there the last two days–that helps me love them more. Plus, I don’t have to calm the down and scare woo them into submission at the end of the year.

Andrés was pretty cute today in his angry birds gettup. Not quite as cute as when he proposed to me last week–on one knee, I might add!

My favorite is that he dances with me. When we play the dancing game, he whirls me around. He talks in Spanish about loving me, and pushes his friend away when he tries to cut in. He really lays it on thick–kissing my hand, holding my hand while we walk to Salida (dismissal). What a cutie! Imagine what he will be like when puberty hits! Watch out world!

Before we left he ran up for a beso. I hope you can see the rotten all over him!

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