Six Months and All Is Well!


Today is my six month mark that I’ve been in Mexico. It has gone by so quickly, it is so hard to believe!

If you had told me six months ago that I would be moaning come July, I would have thought you were crazy. I will be leaving Saturday morning–just a little over five days away. Instead of getting ready for my own departure, I find myself planning Fourth of July parties–and one last trip to see Victor’s family.

Actually, there are a lot of “lasts.” Today was my last Sunday Morning Meeting. I went to the market for the last time. I rode the bus to Coilta for the last time. I spent my last weekend with friends for one last get-together.

Despite the countless mosquito bites, Mexico has been good to me. It’s given me the time I needed to recover from my quarter-life crisis. It has given me valuable language knowledge as I struggle to communicate with all the Mexicans around me. I’ll be glad to leave the heat, crazy skin rashes from the sun, and kidney infections behind. But there’s someone to whom I will be sad to say goodbye… Meet the best thing Mexico gave me:


Mi esposo!

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  1. OMIGOSH!!!!! Wow, JennyA, you are a surprise a minute, congrats, he seems like a gem to me. I’ll get updated from Lisa… we have been w/out power for 4 days and didn’t know! So happy!

  2. HAHAHA! I got a phone call from my parents saying “WHAT DOES ESPOSO MEAN?!” Even though they must have TOTALLY figured it out from el foto.

    You’re hilarious. And I’m so happy for you. Fingers crossed I’ll see you in Agosto!! ❤

    • Hee hee! I have to admit that I get a kick out of surprising everyone…

      I sooo hope to see you too! My best friend’s wedding is the weekend of Pulaski though–tal vez puedo ir a NOVA…

      Te amo! (y tu familia también!)

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