The Last Buying of Gifts

I’ve been thinking about what I need to take with me next week when I leave. Basically, it boils down to this: Regalos. My gifts for my family.

It’s interesting, I haven’t gone crazy shopping this trip. I know that I will be back (Lord willing…) in December, so I don’t feel as pressured as some of my co-workers do to buy! buy! buy! I also haven’t been to a couple of places that I would have loved to visit, such as Palenque (the Mayan Ruins) or Puerto Arista (the beach). I mean, the Mayan ruins have been there a long time–I don’t think they’re going anywhere any time soon (unless, of course, they were right…). And the beach–well, I can wait for that.

Victor went to San Cristóbal yesterday to check out paperwork and such. He is also planning on moving there when I leave, so he has to find a job/accommodations. I sent him with a list of my nieces and nephews and their ages. He had loose orders: Buy gifts. Don’t spend too much. I am oh-so-glad that he went. If I were shopping for the kids, I would still be there deliberating: what to get for this one? Would they fight over that? Will she like this–or am I wasting my money?

Not Victor.

He came back and handed me 11 almost identical gifts. Score. No fighting will be taking place at the receiving of regalos.

Now, here is where he messed up: I wanted him to buy a beautiful, handmade, dainty dress for my friend’s new baby. I even drew a picture of it on my list of things to buy. They are gorgeous–white with hand embroidered flowers. I didn’t give too many instructions, as I didn’t want to frustrate him while he was doing me a favor.

He brought me overalls.

Ugly overalls.

They are handmade as well–made from woven material that the indians make. But, man! They are ugly! My little sister MIGHT go for them, but it will really be a toss-up. I should save them until I have a baby. Maybe then he will see how atrocious they are. sigh. It’s still worth it for the other 11 presents…

The biggest items are my mom’s hammock chairs that I bought before spring break. I am hoping those will fit in my suitcase, along with my election propaganda umbrella that has El Guero’s face plastered on the side. I figure if the hammocks were deemed unsafe to carry on, then the damage I could do with him would be tremendous.

I guess the thing is, I plan on coming back. So the same attitude I have about seeing things is transferred to gifts. I will hopefully be making enough money when I return to buy the nice leather bags that I can’t afford now (but would make perfect bible cases). I can buy dresses and shirts for my sisters and nieces. I can take orders for hammocks–and make sure my suitcase is large enough.

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