Emo Jania

I’m becoming a bad blogger as my time here winds down. I feel like such a mixed bag of emotions.

I really excited to go home. I credit this to my family being in town when I arrive. Mama and Daddy’s house will be turn into a zoo, with children sleeping all over. People will be piled into the living room, and if I’m lucky, some kids will still be awake (probably Jacob–he’s a night owl).

Then reality will hit. This is when I get a little anxious (just thinking about it doesn’t help…) I will attempt to secure a job as quickly as possible. I will send resumes and letters to everyone around, and hopefully land something before school starts. But if I don’t, you will have one frazzled teacher on your hands. Again.

Lastly, I’m sad to leave my life here. I love Mexico and my friends and new family that I have. To think of leaving them behind makes me a pretty mopey 28-year-old.

Breath in, breath out, Jania! Trust the future to the father’s hands he knows and plans your way!

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