Mexican Election Propaganda

I’ve been sighing over the blatant propaganda thrown around here in Mexico as election day approaches.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but do you remember when I shared the pictures of the “Go Verde” and “Let’s go, Women” painted on the side of the road?  That was six months ago (almost).

Since then, it has only multiplied.

I, an outsider, can totally spot it.  I’ve asked some of the Mexicans about it–but they brush it off.  “Everyone does it,” they say.  But it isn’t true.

In this country of corruption from the top, the people who seem the most trustworthy are the people who are being put on display.  And for one party to advertise this much–it says to me that they have a lot of money backing them up.  Which means they will probably win.  I want to share this foreigner’s observations.

In Chiapas, we have a man running who has blue eyes.

He is the one that had all the advertisements way back when.  Even in remote towns in the middle of nowhere walls are painted.  I thought that Mexico was attempting to live a “greener” lifestyle.  Turns out that is just the political party.  So when I saw signs that said, “Tuxtla Go Green in 2012” it was really a political party spreading poison.

What has really been getting me though, is what has happened the last month or so.  Posters have popped up all over the place.  This very white man with blue eyes getting friendly with the natives.  The darker natives.  All of them are dark.

I mentioned this.  I was told, “You just associate Mexicans with being dark.  Quite a few are light-skinned.” Well, yes, I do.  This is because until I moved to Mexico, every Mexican I met was dark.  This is beside the point.  Actually, this should be saved for a different day–because I have a lot to say about the air of prejudice that has me begging for a human rights revolution…

You can’t fight with the facts though.  And here they are.  This guy, hangs his posters of him in friendly positions with various dark people.  He has posters for grandmas.  Posters that actually say, “My promise is with Grandmothers, and with all of Chiapas.” Posters are hanging for single mothers.  There are posters with children.  Posters displaying athletes.  And every single “other” is dark.

If you still aren’t convinced, they’ve started painting new signs.  Vote for the White Man.  Not kidding.  Guero is a word that is used to describe anyone here that is lacking pigment.  And the signs are calling him “The Guero.”  I am sorry–who said that this wasn’t a display of color?  And someone explain to me why all the polititians are light?

I’ve also determined on my own that they rely on the ignorance of the poorer populations to win.  The small towns in the middle of nowhere have the same signs painted.  The people have also been given free t-shirts–how generous!  gag.  I am betting that they are relying on the most popular name–as we were even given propaganda today with the other parties’ candidates missing.  This was an example that showed us how to vote.

Of course you should vote for him–because like all the posters say, “Because the people want him.” And we know who “the People” are.

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