Summertime Blues


They’re right, you know… There ain’t no cure for the blues I’ve got. Well, there is a cure, but it won’t be here for another month. Sigh.

I was walking to school last week with our sixth grade teacher–and a super interesting man. He is a second career teacher–and an expatriot who resides (usually) in Canada. We were discussing the energy, lack of focus, and all around atnosphere of our school right now. Mr. Steve said, “It doesn’t matter where your school is–when you get to this time of year, everyone has a hard time.” If only (like schools in the States and Canada) we would be getting out some day soon…

It’s one thing that is pretty appealing about teaching in Tennessee. Their school year is over now–I know, I know: they start in August. But let’s be honest: I do too! And I work until the end of June.

Mexico’s calendar is super funky. We start in August–but get two weeks for spring break. We don’t officially end our school year until July 6th!!! My kids are bouncing off the walls!

I’ve started my summer-is-almost-here projects, but they are combating with summer-has-been-here-since-march attitudes. There’s no pulling the wool over these Mexican eyes…

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