Thinking of Tomorrow

It’s strange.  I know I like to plan.  This has gotten me into trouble in relationships in the past–as everyone doesn’t like to think of what the next step might be.  It has gotten me into trouble with my friends–as everyone doesn’t understand that my plans are ever-changing.  It has gotten me into trouble with me–as I struggle to find balance between planning and faith.

I am thinking of July.

This is settled:  I can’t stay in Mexico right now.  I haven’t been able to get enough pesos to pay my school loans here.  I have to go home and pay those off so that I can get groove on in Mexico again.  Therefore, the decision has been made to head north of the border.  Back to chaos and confusion.  sigh.

I started applying for jobs in both Tennessee and Virginia.  I have two homes in the United States–and I am unsure of where I belong there.  Now that Daddy has a job in Virginia, I know that I have the capabilities of staying with one of my parents to save on rent money while I strive to get rid of college debt.  It’s a really normal thing in Mexico–living with your parents.  I’ve decided that it doesn’t bother me anymore, as my way of thinking has become more Mexican.

Today I received an email I have been wanting.  I have an interview!  Woo hoo!  I continue to pray for guidance.  I will work hard to keep the right attitude:  if it is meant to be…

5 responses

  1. Good luck!!
    Mama would love to have you here with love love it.
    We are so lucky to have be in a family where there’s always an open home with no shame…that’s what families are for..Don’t feel bad because you can get more established and then be in the position to help someone else out. That’s what Joey told me a couple years ago.

    Pay them loans pay them bills pay that junk and use dem skills

    Haha Love you.

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