Tied Up With a Bow


I have been known to make blanket statements in a snap-judgement manner a time or two. Especially when it comes to the rearing of my children. No, I do not have children. Yes, I consider myself a professional when it comes to kids–kids are my business. I also have been known to eat my words a time or two…

The past several years I’ve made a lot of decisions with the following starter: When I have children, they will never _________.

You can fill in the blank with many different items. Watch television at home (You have more brain activity staring at a blank wall). Play with toys with batteries (the research says they shouldn’t do this until they are four). Be loud in church (I don’t have the solution to this–I just know that other kids can be quiet so mine can too). Eat bad food (I feel better when I eat MY veggies, won’t they? Plus, then when they poop it won’t take forever…). Wear big bows and flowers in their hair (Obviously this pertains to my girls).


When we were younger, my oldest friend wore bows with every outfit. Big bows, little bows, hair bows made of balloons, etc. I used to love looking at all the options where they hung in the bathroom. In recent years, I’ve seen these AWFUL baby pictures though, where Mamas put bows on their babies heads with elastic bands (hairless babies). Or even worse is when the flowers (they also attach with elastic) take over the entire baby because they are so large. I’ve seen this done tastefully–but as a rule of thumb, if the flower is bigger than the face, don’t use it…


Well, I am afraid I will have to change my decision of hairbows, based on the cuties I’ve seen at school this week. We wear school uniforms, so for the most part, all the kids look the same. We were walking around the track for morning exercise, and all I saw was a sea of brightly colored bows and flowers. The next day, one of my cutest girls came to school with her hair in two pigtails with huge bright green flowers adorning the sides of her head. They matched her bright green shirt perfectly.

I can’t wait for my cute little Mexican girls to sport some BIG bows in their hair. After all, what’s a little girl without a little something to spice up a boring old ponytail?


4 responses

  1. You know my baby does wear bows but only because she has hair…and she looks darn cute!

    On an unrelated note..when are you coming back or will you stay there for the summer. What have you decided? If you come back for the summer you can try looking for a summer school position or work at a camp.

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