Te Quiero Mucho, Mami


Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the United States. Mothers and mothers-to-be were living it up on Facebook. Not my mom. She was hiding out at my Mamaw’s house sin telefono.

I saw this contest that someone posted on Facebook yesterday–it was a photo contest with the question, “What is the greatest thing your mom taught you?” That’s the easiest question I’ve ever answered. To love.

She says that it isn’t something I can understand until I have my own children, and maybe she’s right. But I sure do have a good idea about what it looks like...

Unconditional love. It means that even if you’ve screwed up or lied or done something despicable, she’s there. That doesn’t mean that you don’t hear about it–but rarely do you need to hear about it. You’ve been raised to know right from wrong. The shame of knowing that you have disappointed someone so dear is enough of a punishment. Oh, the shame… If I can go the rest of my life without experiencing that ever again, it would be great.

That love isn’t just for the people in our lives: it’s for God as well. I am pretty sure that if you asked her, she would say that is her most important job. To teach us how to serve God. It’s all there in the love.

Unselfish love. I remember when it hit me. I was twenty. I left home in a fury. I had waited all my life to get out and experience the world. I loaded up my Lumina and headed to Minnesota. Remember, I found that job, applied, interview and arrived to Bearskin Lodge all in the same week. It was the first time I lived anywhere without my family close by, and it was an experience. I did everything I had been taught not to do in a period of two months. I spent the next four months trying to get my life back on track. I also realized then that my parents had made a ton of sacrifices for me.

Just love. Mama made me read Tuesdays With Morrie when I was home last year. The most important thing we can leave behind is love. We live in a world where things are placed in high esteem. Things get broken. Things get lost. Things get put on shelves and collect dust. Love is the only thing that matters. Love is what memories are made of when things and people fade away. He says it, but she lives it…

Oh, to be like my Mama.  Te quiero mucho, Mami.


We bought these mugs the other day for our moms, but since my mom is in the States–I just drink out of it instead…

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  1. And you have one of the most loving, compassionate, nonjudgemental, open door policy, giving mothers I know. I try to strive and pattern my love from her.

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