Coming to You Live From Chiapas, Mexico!

I remember sometime last year hanging out in Jenny’s apartment on South Washington.  SOMEONE got out the computer.  SOMEONE found karaoke on YouTube.  SOMEONE sang all night.  Or at least until the neighbor downstairs banged on the ceiling…

Last night I had a repeat of that night, only no neighbor downstairs to complain!  Only Victor, and while he seemed to lose interest quite frequently, I was able to reel him back in with my womanly ways amazing singing talents.

This is a progression of the night:

I always like to start out with some easy listening.  This was when Victor was interested.  He not so secretly can really belt out some Spanish country music.  English was a little tougher.  Especially when you don’t know the songs.  I have to give it to him though–he really tried!  Jason Mraz “I’m Your’s” Video (<——- Mom and Dad, you have to click on that!)

I then moved on to some country songs.  I sang a couple Reba songs, belted out Alison Krauss, and finally sang “Mama He’s Crazy.”   By this point I still had Victor’s attention.  It must be something other than my looks (I look a mess…) and ability to sing The Judds (yikes!) that makes him crazy over me.  “Mama, He’s Crazy” Video

We sang “Hotel California” (I was actually pretty proud of myself for that one–considering that I have apparently never really known the words to that song…).  Then, he lost interest.

As he wondered away, I asked where he was going.  Then I serenaded him with the sweet lyrics of Bryan Adams.  This is personally one of my favorites.  Especially when I had to start throwing things to get him to pay attention.  “Everything I Do–I Do it for You” Video  Yes!  Success!  He’s back!

Finally, we decided to sing some Spanish songs.  Or English songs with a little Spanish thrown in for good measure.  We first sang the one Spanish song I know.  Can you guess what it is?  “La Bamba” Video  We sang that “how far is heaven” song that I remember downloading when I moved to Minnesota.  As he lost interest again, I quickly found the song that we listen to aaaalllll the time.  It proved to be hard for both of us to sing.  You can see the part that we really know is, in fact, the English part of the song…  “Yo Tengo Tu Love” Video

I was forced to sing another love song to him, as he crawled back over to play on the iPad.  Luckily Rachel and I watched the 20/20 episode after TGIF one Friday night not long after Selena died.  I feel like I was really able to channel my inner Mexican here.  “Dreaming of You” Video  The best part are my mad Spanish skills at the end of the video…

This probably seems like a lot of singing to you.  Rest assured, I was still able to sing both parts of duets including “Whiskey Lullaby”, “Picture”, and “Estoy Enamorada.”  I sang until I was afraid I needed to take Victor’s clues of non-interest as a hint.  Then I proceeded to watch the videos of myself and laugh until the wee hours of the morning.

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