Tennessee= Miley Cyrus+Selena Gomez

Apparently, there are two famous people who come from Tennessee.  Miley Cyrus.  Selena Gomez.  I do not know that this is true, but I do know one thing:  All Mexican girls under the age of 20 believe it to be.

Yesterday I was sitting in the mall food court waiting on Victor.  I decided to wait in the mall for several reasons:

  1.  I was hot.  The mall is air-conditioned.
  2.  I was hungry.  The mall has food.
  3.  The mall is close to the road.  I wouldn’t have to limp home by myself.

I decided to wait until he got there to eat, so I must have looked inviting.  I was sitting at a table for four, sipping on my bubble tea for one–when I noticed two teens kinda giggling and shifting towards me.  Finally, they got the courage to rush over and began talking.  The first thing I noticed was that one had braces.  To me, this means her family probably does okay with money.  The other had glittery blue eyeliner.  They bubbled on and on, and I got the gist.  They wanted to sing to me.

Why?”  I ask?  “To get money,” they replied.

Now, I am used to being approached in the food court and asked for money.  But usually it is dirty little boys who genuinely look like they could use a meal or two.  NOT cute teeny boppers.  Plus Victor always complains about all the kids at the mall during the day (“Their parents send them to school, and instead they come here!”)

I felt inclined to ask:  “Why do you need money?” I pried.  “To get something to eat,” they continued, “just five pesos.”

The went on to tell me that I could pick the song–any song I wanted.  I was pretty curious.  So, they sat down on either side of me, and unabashed, sang some song in Spanish.  They obviously had sung this song a billion times.  It sounded pretty good.  But the teacher in me was concerned.

First of all, they had to be high school age.  Why weren’t they in school?  So, I asked.  They just weren’t.  They do, however, want to attend Julliard one day in New York City.  I couldn’t bear to be a dream dasher, so I instead told them that there were a lot of great schools in the States.  Do they want to learn English?  Of course, they want to learn English–most people who plan to go to the States do.

So, I volunteered.

I will be meeting these twits at the Mall on Friday for our first English class.  Gratis.  Maybe they will be inspired to go to school.  Maybe they will actually go to the States some day.  They are confident in their dream: therefore, I will cheer them on.

First up: teach them about some other singers from Tennessee.  I cannot will not allow Miley Cyrus to be their sole connection to the land of my birth…

2 responses

  1. Hahahahahhah! That was the BEST! Yes how can you annihlate poor little bad singer Miley from their brains!! teach them Dolly… that woman has brains, talent and class, in an unorthodox sort of way. i love that you are teaching/ (mentoring really) the we twits!

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