What to do?

We were skyping with Mama yesterday (this is seriously the greatest invention ever…), and she was counseling Victor about his future.  For those of you who know my mom, you know this is totally not abnormal.  Some parents may do this to their children’s significant others because they want to make sure they have good plans.  My mom is just one of those counselors without an off switch.  I think that is how it must be with the good ones…their job is so much more than a job, therefore it never ends.

We are already making When We Go to the United States plans.  I can’t help it.  And neither can he.  Chiapas is wonderful–don’t get me wrong.  I love it here.  I hate to say that I am being driven strictly by the promise of more money.  I know that when I work now in the States, it will be different.  I make so much money there (especially compared to here), and I can’t help but think of the bills I can pay.  The people I can help.  The investments I can make in my future.  When I go home, it will be with the sole desire to pay my bills and save my money.  Therefore, parents, be prepared:  I am moving in with one of you.

I want to stay in Mexico.  I want to learn Spanish, and keep my happy stress-free streak going.  I am thinking another year, then perhaps a couple in the States.  Oh, why do I like plans?

Anyway, during Mama’s counseling session, she mentioned that maybe Victor should take this interest inventory and see where his interests lie.  I, of course, immediately went to the website, http://www.collegefortn.org/ , and completed the survey.  Warning to potential survey takers: that sucker is long.  I discovered several things:

*  Apparently, I should have been a dentist.  Those guys make a lot of money.  I wonder if I would enjoy being in everyone’s’ mouths all day.  Also, everyone would hate me.  Do I need to be needed/loved to find fulfillment in a job?

*  Why are all the important jobs (therapists, counselors, teachers) low paying?  Why do they cap out under six digits?  Note: It isn’t solely school.

*  All my potential careers are either medical or educational.  Why didn’t I listen to Mrs. Carson when she said I should do something other than teaching?  I would not be in this current (broke) position…

2 responses

  1. I think Mrs Carson was wrong; you were born to teach. What else is wrong, is like you said about the important jobs being low paid. Also the debt young people come out of school with these days. If it weren’t for that you could live well and enjoy your job. IMHO

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