Another Day With Fingers Crossed

Sorry to keep writing about being sick…

The thing is, I can’t get over this ickiness!  I feel about like my blog dashboard.  One day I am soaring when I wake up–the next I feel like a truck literally ran over my legs.  Last night I actually cried.  I haven’t done that since I went to the hospital.  It was really tears of frustration…  Poor Victor is ready to send me back to the States.  That was our agreement last night:  If I don’t get better, I will go home.  ugh.

I don’t want to go home.

I mean, I know that eventually I will have to.  I have things to pay for, and Mexico doesn’t quite cut it.  I still need to make a little less than double what I am currently making to pay for my school loans.  That can get pricy!  (In pesos it is even more pricy…)  They don’t seem to have a deferment for people who move to Mexico either.

I was thinking yesterday of my things at home.  I wish that I could erase that part of being an American clean: things.  They don’t matter.  But, I sure would love to have some nice things some day.  That makes me feel like a bad Mexican.  I have started a small collection of antiques at Mama’s house–and I have always put off buying my kitchen things until I get a house.  I would love to have an amazing Kitchen Aid mixer.  I would wear that thing out!  Yesterday Rachel even bought me this sign I have wanted for years.

Ah, well… Here’s to another day of hoping that I feel well!  That my legs will work all day!  That I will get to write upbeat things again (these depressing posts are going to do me in…)

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