Everyone Poops

I would like to dedicate this post to my friend.  She isn’t embarrassed by her poop, and really has a strange fascination with it.  Because of this weird trait, we are all a little fascinated by her.

Why is it embarrassing when we talk about something so natural as poop?  I mean, we all know that everyone does it.  But why did a Japanese author actually have to write a book about it?  A book, which interesting enough, has been translated into many different languages–In England titled, Everyone Poos.

Everyone but me.

I, on the other hand, have been taking antibiotics for the last month.  Imagine what that is doing for my bowel system.  Actually, don’t.  I will tell you:  Apparently, when you take antibiotics, it kills good bacteria in your intestine.  Good bacteria have the job of keeping things smooth and on the go.  Without good bacteria, rotten things happen.  Take my word for it.  I am getting to know my body in a very intimate way.  I know my Dr. Brother is thinking of a billion other things that could be making me constipated.

The thing is, I have always been a little proud of my very regular bowel movements.  I used to be able to time them.  I actually never kept track of them, because it was never an issue for me.  I knew that as soon as I would go for a run, it would happen.  Not long after my coffee, it would happen.  I eat my vegetables.  And when other people talk about being constipated, I always think, “Dang, just eat some veggies!”

Oh, sigh.

I think part of the answer though is that I have been invalid.  I’ve been laying around, and it is really hard to move–so I don’t.  Today I went to work, and that helped loosen me up.  My kids were amazing, and were so sweet to act like they’ve missed me.  I even rewarded them with our Friday song, Ice Cream and Cake.  This includes a bit of dancing.  Entonces, walking, dancing, and moving have helped me out.

Surprise!  Everyone poops.  Even me.

   My favorite part of this picture is that the man is smoking and reading the paper.   We see his pants and his houseshoes as well.  Where are the pants of the little kid?  Are we to believe that he runs around without pants?  Because that would make me think that he is my nephew, in which case, he should be screaming his head off because he has to sit on the commode…

3 responses

  1. Hahahaha 1)who is the friend fascinated with it?

    2)hes probably smoking bc it makes your bowels move and makes you have to poo

    3)Orlando is actually not screaming anymore on the toilet WHAT?! yeah.. iknow..pretty amazing.

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