Embarrassing Ya-ya (Embarazada)

I live in Baby World.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love babies as much as the next Blakley (it seemed more powerful to say “Blakley” and not “girl…”).  It just seems that 1) everyone is having a baby 2) everyone THINKS I am having a baby 3) if you’re close to 30 and live in Mexico, a baby is the natural suspicion.

It all starts with the kidney pain.  Apparently, kidney pain is a normal thing to have when you’re pregnant.  So, yesterday I went for my ultrasound.  I know.  Right?  If you’re wanting to convince people who you aren’t carrying child, going for an ultrasound is not the way to do it.  I am sitting there (early, because Victor insists on leaving early to go anywhere) waiting for my appointment (which, by the way, was still an hour away), and a parade of soon-to-be-mamas walked in the door.  They lowered themselves with great difficulty into their seats, and rested their hands on their oh-so-large baby bellies.

And there I sat.  The pink elephant in the room.

Not only do I stand out already, but here I am surrounded by rotund glowing women.  Add the fact that standing up and sitting down is also difficult for me (and the fact that my doctor told me I needed to lose 30 kilos), and you have yourself one embarrassed american…

My friend says she always remembers the word for pregnant because it sounds like embarrassing.  Why, yes, it does.  Thank you for the mnemonic device for remembering embarazada.  I’ve since learned that prenada (for animals), cargada (like cargo), and esperanda (waiting)  all mean the same thing.  Four things I am not.

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