Not By The Hair Of My Chinny-Chin-Chin

I did it today.  I plucked the hair in my chinny-chin-chin.

This is how you know that you’re getting old.  You have chin hair.  I remember when I was younger Mamaw had this mole on the side of her chin.  She would clip the hairs that grew there occasionally.  I, on the other hand, remember playing with them.  I find myself doing the same thing–and that is when I know that I need to pluck.

I can also tell I am getting old other ways:

  • Today I watched this kid on the Ellen Show who is a skateboarder.  I actually felt sick at my stomach watching him flying in the air.  Being aware that I can and will die if I do something stupid makes me old.  I ALMOST had that in high school when we decided to roll down the hill in the huge metal pipe.  I though, “Hmmm, this will not turn out well…” a minute too late.
  • I am getting wrinkly.  They are on my forehead–and I blame that totally on my students.  I have to give them that “mom” look.  They are also all around my eyes and mouth.  I blame that on my students too.  Those suckers can really make me laugh.
  • I get indigestion.  And I know what causes it.  We used to make fun of one of our friends (and still do), because she would complain about indigestion.  Now, I know what foods I should avoid.  I know that when my tummy aches and I have gas, I ate something that really “didn’t agree with me.”
  • I use phrases like “that didn’t agree with me.”
  • I am dreadfully aware that everyone is having babies.  But for the first time in fifteen years, it actually is a little scary to think of having a baby.  Yet again, I know what can go wrong.  Plus, I live in Mexico, and I saw what that hospital looked like the other day.  I have been told that the baby-having hospital is better off.
  • I sometimes have to make people unhappy.  This is usually because I WANT to spend time with my family.  That’s right, you heard me.  I want to spend time with my family.  If that isn’t a sign of aging, I don’t know what is.  The thing is, my friends are getting old too.  They understand that because I haven’t been in town for a while, I might want to spend time with my family.  Weird.  Wonder if they realize it?

I sometimes have aches and pains when I wake up.  My knees creak.  I forget things.  I want to eat vegetables.  I haven’t played at the park across the street yet, and I’ve lived here a week.  I found a gray hair the other day.  I like antiques.  I wear sunscreen.  I take vitamins by choice.  I think about the future.  I lock the door when I go to bed.  I turn out the lights to save electricity.  I save random things that I think I might use again.

I have chin hair.

8 responses

  1. Just wait till you turn 30. In my experience it makes the chin hairs, aches and pains, AND indigestion multiply! Oh wait, maybe that’s the pregnancy talking. 🙂 Love you Nino…hope you’re feeling better.

  2. I remember the emergency room in Costa Rica. We frequented there because our volunteers were always getting into weird (scary) situations that ended with them at the hospital. It was…depressing, to say the least. They had an “IV” room where there was a bunch of sick people sitting around with IV’s hooked in their arms- but it reminded me of a horror movie. It took all my energy to try and keep the volunteers as positive as possible!!

    • THAT’S TOTALLY WHERE I WAS!!!!!! There was a lady next to me who was literally starving. They tried for 10 minutes to find her vein. We just all sat around laughing at each other, and making small talk. It was like a waiting room for opperations too. There were people in beds that smelled like death warmed over. It made me feel a little guilty about my little old kidney.

  3. Yeah, you are definitely showing the signs of aging (giggle). But there is only one alternative, and I don’t think you and I want to go there – -yet. (giggle) So I’ll just keep my gray hair, my wrinkles, my turkey-neck, my just-removed-cataract-eyes, my sagging skin, and my chin hair. Definitely my chin hair.

  4. Not true. I’ve had chin hair for like, 4 years. And age 19 isn’t too old I don’t think.
    Yep, just posted that one online.
    Good thing I went to Ideal Image. (Now, where’s my endorsement money?)

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