Why A Mexican Man Is A Good Accessary Part Two: The Hospital

Because when you cry from kidney pain, he pets you and says, “I am sorry.”

Because when the pain doesn’t go away, he tells you that you need a doctor.

Because when you’re stubborn, and ask to move your entire bed downstairs, he doesn’t complain.  He helps you down to the couch, and lays on the floor without complaining.

Because when you continue to cry, and your knees become so painful, he tells you that you need to go to the hospital.

When you need help dressing and putting on your shoes, he doesn’t say a word.  He just helps you out.  Even when you don’t want to wear what he brings you, and you demand something else.

Because he will help you out the door and into a cab.  He will tell the cab driver to drive carefully everytime you cry out in pain over the bumps.

When you get to the hospital, he will help you into the emergency room telling everyone in sight, “This is an emergency!  Where do we go for an emergency!?”

When  you are misdirected, because, after all, these are Mexicans you’re dealing with, he will become frustrated.  When doctors try to brush you off, he demands that someone sees you.  You will feel bad, because sick people are everywhere–even lining the hallways.

When the jerk doctor tells you that he wants to x-ray your knees, he says, “No.  The problem isn’t her knees, It’s her kidneys!”  You will have to convince him that, yes, you do want a blood test.  He will only listen after he talks to another doctor.

He will demand again and again a wheelchair, because you can’t hardly walk.

He will hold your hand while you give your blood.  He will hold the trash can when you think you will throw up.  He will stand by your side for hours, because there aren’t any chairs.  He will even cheer up the Mexican women all around you who are sick (Women love him).

He will take you to the bathroom when you need to go, because the nurses don’t help with that sort of thing.  He will help with everything including the urine sample.  He will just tease you to make the whole situation seem light.

He will stick with you to translate all the Spanish questions people ask.  When they want to know how to spell your name, he will pull out your Mexican Visa and hand it over.  When they try to kick him out, he will tell them he has to stay will you because you don’t speak Spanish.

When it is time to leave, he will listen intently to the doctor.  He will help you walk down the way to the taxi, because Mexican hospitals don’t subscribe to wheeling patients out.

He will get you settled, then he will go to the pharmacy to buy all your medicine.  He will buy extra pillows so that you can prop your knee up.

He will then research online the ailments the doctor said you suffered from.  He will give you factoids about kidney infections and kidney stones (even though you only have dust).

He will bring you a glass of water, and when you break it accidentally, he will tell you that you aren’t allowed to get up because of the glass.

6 responses

  1. So glad you are not alone in all this, but have a living Angel helping you. I hope they gave you the right remedies and you are recovering?

  2. Thank that man, and give him a good ole southern hug……Ah….. to know someone is taking care of my baby… Mind your manners now and say please and thank you many times….. Get Better! That is an order!. Jania….. I love you

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