South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)

When I was a little girl, there were some songs that I always requested from people I love. I am sure that they must have sang them a thousand times. Mama would always sing “The Playmate Song” (that sounds so naughty now that I actually know what a ‘Playmate’ is). She actually sang to me all the time, which is probably why I love it so much.

Playmate, come out and play with me. And bring your dollies three…

Mamaw, on the other hand, had three go-to songs that we would beg to hear.

  1. The Tennessee Waltz (Click here to view/listen)
  2. Blue Heaven (Click here to listen)
  3. South of the Border (Click here to listen)

I think Mamaw sang #3 for me. Even now, while she doesn’t remember the majority of things, she can hum along and sing a few lines. Everytime I sing, “South of the border, down Mexico way, that’s where they fell in love when stars above came out to play…” I think of Mamaw.

Last time I was home, I was shocked (and not surprised at all) to see that she had declined a bit more in three months. She asked me to sit with her, not on the other couch. She clutched my hand, and we sang a few familiar hymns. I love to hear her say, “That’s beautiful. Yeah.”

I remember when I was the one who wouldn’t let go of her. I sat on the couch at Allie and Paul’s with Mamaw. I would hook my arm through her’s and rub her skin (I have this “thing”about soft skin…) I also loved to pinch the skin and watch it go back down. I don’t remember when I realized that it did this because she was old. Now I get a little nervous to realize that my skin is lifting a bit easier in my old age. (No, really…)

I remember riding to meeting with her Mexican style. That means that I didn’t sit in a car seat–I sat on her lap. She would hook us both into the seat belt. When I got bigger, I still sat with her, only I sat on the seat beside her. She would wrap her arms around me and say, “I’ll be your seatbelt.” I don’t remember when I stopped riding with her. I don’t think Fuva took my place though–I think she just started driving there herself.

Ahh… sweet woman, how did you know that I would end up south of the border down Mexico way? How did you know that I would lose my sweetheart to another woman? How did you know I would long for a blue heaven of my own? What a wise woman.

One response

  1. Thank you. Beautiful. I’ll never forget when I learned to play the Tennessee Waltz on the piano and when I played it on hers she would be in the kitchen singing it. Every time, never failed.

    Listening to the songs while reading the post was not a good idea. I’m turning into Mama haha

    I love you sister.

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