I’m Back! (Says My Infection…And Me)

I have really been through the ringer this Spring Break.  To make matters worse, when I returned to Mexico, it was to a new home.  I know you’re thinking, “Well, that doesn’t seem bad!  You wanted a new home!” True.  My mexican boyfriend was sweet enough to move all of my stuff while I was gone.  He was also sweet enough to leave things in random places so that I could decide where to put them (Thanks, dear).

In all seriousness, it was rather nice.  I have come home to a new place that is mine.  No roommate.  No frustration because someone isn’t doing their part.  No “sharing” my food (A.K.A.  Finding out it is missing when I go to eat it…)  I slept last night under a cover because my room was actually cold.  I have an air conditioner!

Because of this freak kidney infection that I developed.  I was, however, unable to see my friends at the end of the week.  I was looking forward to a movie date… It turned out to be almost a blessing, as I was forced to stay home and rest!  Rest I did.  I couldn’t do much else!

Unfortunately, today I awoke with an all too familiar pain in my back/side.  It had eased up this weekend, but today it got worse as the day went on.  In addition to the back pain, my body seems to be retaining fluid.  My knee is inflamed and swollen (I have it propped up, Mom.), and I struggled to walk when I left school.   I am so lucky to have caring people at work.  Between some counseling and some complaining, I (with help) formed a plan.  My assistant principal contacted her doctor (whom she raves about) via her Blackberry.  With a bit of sharing questions/answers, he “prescribed” a stronger antibiotic for me to take.  He also assured that it would begin working today, and that I could contact him if I had more complications!  All of that for the low, low price of free!

The meds ended up costing a hefty 310 pesos!  I can totally tell a difference (Mom), and I think I will be okay (Mom).  Don’t worry (Mom).  I am downing coco water and regular water, and I just made some tea (Mom).  I have camped out on the couch, and I am resting (Mom).

The organzing and cleaning of the house can wait until another day…

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  1. hey jania!
    iit was so nice to see you when you were in town! i’m glad you’re getting better. please take good care of yourself–we’re thinking of you back in va!

    sarah 🙂

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