Ayudame! Help Me!

On Friday I finished my last dose of antibiotics.  That intestinal infection I had was a doozy.  Seriously.  Without sharing too many details, you can just take my word for it.

Well, let me tell you–the pain that I felt, the misery I was in–it was nothing compared to this:

Saturday my back started hurting.  I thought it was these darn American beds–all soft and comfy.  The pain continued to grow.  Monday I asked my brother-in-law’s mom about it.  She is a nurse, and I was trying to avoid the doctor’s office.  She said it was probably irritable bowel syndrome (complicated by whatever parasite climbed into my guts).  The next day it got worse, and that night I lay in bed crying for help from Mama.

The next day I scheduled an appointment.  It would be Friday before they could see me.  Unfortunately, sometime after lunch I panicked.  The pain I felt was extreme!  I couldn’t move without hurting.  When I breathed in it hurt.  When I breathed out it hurt.  When I stayed still it hurt.  My back muscles would twitch and that hurt.  Because I think I can self-diagnose (How crazy does that drive doctors?), I went to my source of medical information: internet.  I was even more convinced that I either had malaria or some spleen complication.

So, my uncle picked me up to take me to the clinic.  An infection.  That is what I have.  A stupid Urinary Tract Infection that went to my kidneys.  Seriously??  So, day two of antibiotics, and I am still walking like an old lady and crying like a baby.

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