I made it to Tapachula! Tapachula, by the way, is so close to Guatemala. I wish I could go–but I don’t think I’ll be able to this trip. Some day!

I rode the six hour trip with one baby or another on my lap–in true Mexican style! Victor, another young girl my age (visiting her mom from Mexico), her two children, and I all sat in the back of a tiny car. I spent my time hugging Alheli, thinking about Mamaw. She would hold me on the way to meeting when we were little. She’d wrap her arms around me tight and say, “I’ll be your seatbelt!” Occasionally I traded Alheli out with her smaller, less wiggly brother, Mateo. He is so adorable, and quite content–he never cried on the whole trip!

We made it (finally) starving, hot, and thirsty. It’s a billion degrees and crazy humid down here. We stepped into a doorway of what I thought was a house, to find out that it is actually the convention grounds! It’s small (as there aren’t many people here), but much cooler and friendly as can be.

Special Meeting was wonderful–but I’m going to be traveling the next couple days without internet. I will let you know more when I’m wired-up!

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