Life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes you have to just put up your hands and yell when things go topsy-turvy!

This is what is going on (please sympathize):

1). I’ve been sick the last two days–therefore I haven’t been with my monsters precious students. Today was a mixture of happiness (to see them again) and relief (for a two week break).

2). I found a house (hooray!). In an effort to boss organize everyone, I’ve put myself in a sticky situation. I also am determined that my roommate will help me clean up before we leave. I should let it be–but the last thing I want is gossip at school about the state of the house…

3). I don’t have many things to move. However, I’m moving them in my suitcase. I need to figure out the order of things before Monday. My suitcase is going with me to Tennessee.

4). Voy a Estados Unidos lunes. I am coming home. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten fifteen thousand souvenirs. I am afraid I’ll forget my important papers (passport, visa, etc).

5). We are leaving for Colta at 5:00 in the morning to go to Special Meeting. Our special meeting is tomorrow night AND on Sunday! Let’s hope I can understand something I can share with you!

6). I tend to worry about how everyone else feels. This is a problem when you have fifteen different people to coordinate. My Mexican says, “Don’t worry about me! I’m happy if you’re happy!” That tends to make me worry more–because now I have more of a reason to make someone happy. Sigh.

Where is that stupid Choice Theory book?

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