Sick as a Dog

I’m sick.

Being sick in Mexico is not good. I had a fever all night, and this morning. I just lay in bed and moan–wishing my Mama was here.

The best thing about being sick, is I can get good meds. Ibuprofen is sold in these huge 800 mg tablets, but unfortunately they only work for four hours.

I’ve been drinking a lot of water and tea, as I hear Mom’s voice in my head. “Only sip it.” “Drink more.” “You don’t want to be dehydrated.”

Ugh. Victor tells me to put my feet in hot water. This is some Indian remedy, and while I want to trust them, I’m miserable. On the other hand, it would be good for my indian feet as they look horrible. Oh, to return to the U.S.! To good pedicures with razors! To my Mama! To biscuits and gravy! (I miss my favorite food…)


6 responses

  1. Poor baby. That foot looks terrible! Slather it in lotion and wear a sock over it. And listen to your mama. Don’t stop sipping drinks! Met your Daddy on Sunday!!!

  2. Ibuprofen 800 mg every 8 hours or three times in 24 hours max. You might get away with more, but some people bed up in the hospital needing blood transfusions or dialysis, which I fear is not very readily available. You can take acetaminophen up to 1000 mg every 8 hours in between doses of ibuprofen if your still having fever (though you shouldn’t be). I’m sorry you’re sick! Get better soon. Love you!

  3. I agree with Karen your foot looks bad…… Lotion, socks every night should help…. Keep drinking hot tea… or hot lemonade with honey would do the trick….. listen to your brother… he will never steer you wrong…. Love you

  4. Eeeewwww, your foot is yucky! Poor girl. I’m sick too, and have been feeling quite sorry for myself. Come see me soon sweet friend. love you.

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