House Hunting Woes


I. Can’t. Do. It. Anymore.

I have been all over creation looking for a place to live. I have things I will compromise on and things that I won’t.

I Can Live Without:

Hot Water Mexico stays pretty hot. We haven’t had gas for a week, and I really only squeal a little in the shower. We have a boiler anyway that you light when you need hot water–so it was only turned on once a day to begin with.

Paved Roads As we walked around this weekend in search of available places, I found that the further away from the city the less frequent are paved roads. Before all you Tennessee people start scoffing, know that dust IS a major problem. Because it is hot, we have to leave doors and windows open. To say I can live without paved roads is saying I will mop and dust frequently…

Air Conditioning Anyone who knows me is probably fainting. I hate being hot. I am content with the two fans I have blowing on me at night. For some reason, hot in Mexico is expected. I’m not going from hot day outside to cool day inside. Everything is hot.

Washers and Dryers I have a Mexican man who not only does my laundry sometimes, but shows me how to do it correctly. Apparently if you don’t rub fabric to fabric you are just cleaning the sink… The lavanderia (laundry lady’s business) isn’t that far away either. I feel pretty good supporting small honest businesses.

Things I Can’t Compromise On:

A Kitchen Maybe it is because I like food. Maybe it is because I like cold drinks. Maybe it is because I enjoy cooking. In any case, I need a kitchen! I can’t rent just a room somewhere, because I want to be able to eat something other than tacos from the taco stand!

Privacy I will go ahead and blame this on Daddy. I think we get it from him anyway. It is the reason (one of many) that I have a problem living with a roommate. I like my privacy. I like being able to close my door and not see you or hear you.

Internet I know I’m a little spoiled. It is so nice to blog and talk to my family at home in bed. I hated going to Starbucks everyday to use the sometimes functional Internet. I want to connect when I want to connect.

Please can I find a house soon? I’m not asking too much, eh?

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