Give Me a Heart

We had a great meeting today–and a nice surprise: two sister workers visiting from their fields in Central America.

I had a nice conversation with my brother last week about my little meeting here. He said, “Jania, if you don’t go, 25% of your meeting is missing.” It’s true. There are four of us that take part–and it was so nice to have extra help today!

Jean is a couple (okay, three…) years younger than me. She labors in Costa Rica–and she explained today that most of the people here are related to her. She lived in the United States and Canada, and speaks lovely English! Jean was at Knoxville convention in 2007–it makes me wish I wasn’t so wrapped up in myself that year. She’s a beautiful girl, with a heart to match. She also cooked from an English cookbook, and she would ask, “What is this? Dijon mustard? Celery seed?”

We are looking forward to special meetings next week in Tapachula. It is the next closest meeting–merely a six hour trip away. It is also where we will have convention. I. Can’t. Wait.

I don’t feel like I can add more right now: just a desire to have a heart more like Jesus’s–willing to give my best for others. We sang the Spanish version of 215 today. “Give me a heart, Lord, tender and full of love. A heart free from evil. Always said and done in faith…”

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