Spring Shower


Sometimes I wake up and wonder what I will tell you about that day. Something always comes along…

Last night we took the convey to San Crostobal. Conveys are a little scary because they drive so fast–but they are so much quicker! On the way we listened to some good country music I downloaded the other day: Dolly Parton (of course), Johnny Cash, and more! Victor wanted to hear country, and I refuse to play the new stuff with the exception of just a couple artists.

I played Seven Spanish Angels, and was reminded of us singing it when we were younger. It is a lot more fun when you have someone singing, “Well, well, well…” in the background. It is also a lot more fun when you are ignorant of the years of Mexican bloodshed.

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I came to San Cris solely to buy souvenirs for everyone at home. On the way, my friend told me about a man named Marcos. Click here to read about him. He was the Robin Hood of Chiapas: robbing the rich to give to the poor. He is also the leader of the Zapatista movement for indigenous rights here in Chiapas. They sell ninja looking, masked men in the market. I bought a wooden top–because I am a sucker for anyone who helps the needy.

We went back to the hotel to collect our bags, when suddenly the sky opened up. The air grew chilly down-right cold, and it began to hail. We decided to wait it out instead of walking to the bus station in the rain. True to my last name, I fell asleep on the couch. When I was awakened a short time later, I decided it would be better to wade through the water barefoot to the bus station. This was a good call.

I’ve heard “the rainy season” mentioned with dread–and that doesn’t come until July or August. Tiempo de Aguas Time of Water gave me a little taste of what is in store. There is a reason why the sidewalks are two feet above the street. It was like a river through the town! Abandoned mango and candy stands threatened to wash away, as Mexicans crowded in doorways just out of the rain.

While I received plenty of strange looks (A white girl walking barefoot? What?!), I will tell you this much: I was able to put on dry shoes when I was safely inside… <

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  1. oh good. i hope you bought me something cool. haha (like that purse you’re looking at in the picture)


    • That is what I was thinking they are PERFECT for! The problem is that the cow leather bags are hard leather. The goat skin is much better–but none of the bags are perfect. They are all flawed (which I love, but I don’t know if anyone else will).

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