The Emiliano


Ricardo and Emiliano

It’s funny to add those tags at the same time: “love” and “education.” I didn’t think I’d ever see the day again…

Today was one of those days. Right of the bat one of my favorite kids gave me a chocolate and a heart lollipop. I was in a hurry this morning and missed breakfast, so I had the chocolate. You’re allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast in Chiapas.

Then during writing one of the sweetest little girls gave me a note that said, “Te amo.” I wrote her back and said, “Me too.” She turned the paper over and wrote, “Yo y tu.” Then in English she said, “Me and you.” Aww.

Next my autistic kid came over for his daily kisses and hugs. You’re allowed to kiss and hug in Mexico. He will stick his face right in front of mine and say, “Te qiero.” Then he kisses my cheek. He will say he wants a hug, and he will repeat “Mas! Mas!” as I hug him tighter and tighter. I think he likes the pressure more than my hugs. In any case, when people hug me it makes me want to say, “Mas! Mas!”

I’ve saved the best for last: I have these three boys who are always together. They are tiny, and I suspect younger than the majority of the kids. I also suspect they are more Mexican (down to earth…) I fuss at them all the time–as they speak little English, and are ALWAYS getting into trouble. I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but trust me when I say it is sooo hard.

This is why: Abraham has these big eyes. When he gets in trouble he just looks up at you, and melting occurs. When he is finally allowed to play, he hugs me and says, “Thank you, Miss Jania.”

Ricardo is darker than the other kids. He also is always in motion. He reminds me of my nephews. He always throws his arm around kids, and lets me hug on him. He is always getting into a pickle–as he is always in the middle of something. He lost some teeth recently–which only makes him more adorable…

Last, we have Emiliano. His family has a ranch–he tells me about going to the ranch. He speaks no English, and told me one time, “My mom wants me to learn English, but I don’t understand.” I always say, “Quiero ayudarte, pero necesito me preguntar!” I want to help you, but you have to ask me! Today he asked!

Then when I asked him to throw away a broken ball, I look up to see him wearing it on his head. I mean, I know I shouldn’t encourage that behavior, but I had to take a photo.

Then, he wrote on the board, “I love Miss Jania. The Emiliano.” Do I need more examples on why he’s so adorable?

20120323-204450.jpgAbraham and Emiliano

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