Because We’re in Chiapas…

Because we’re in Chiapas, we save everything. Really. I’m turning into Mamaw here.

The other day, I noticed that my roommate ate my yogurt (that’s another story). I also noticed that she didn’t save the amazing plastic container it comes in. I am not at all ashamed to admit that I went through the trash that was already tied up outside to rescue not one, but two fantastic-plastic-containers!

I also save old jars. When we finish mayo or jelly, I clean out the jars and use them for all kinds of good things! One is holding homemade bar-b-que sauce. The other is holding sweetened condensed milk for the rare times that I make myself an iced Thai coffee.

When I made curry yesterday, I didn’t want to ruin my plastic containers with smelly yellow curry (which was super spicy, by the way–thanks to this great roasted pepper paste I found). I used the old yogurt containers for the curry, and put the rice inside the old sour cream container. The sour cream container was already useful a couple weeks for some fresh cream I found at the bodega.

I crossed a new line on Sunday though. We went to the mall to eat. Instead of throwing away the coffee cup and plastic utensils we brought them back to my house. I was a little apprehensive, but I thought, “Well, why not?” I used the coffee cup to carry coffee one morning. Score. I used the utensils in my lunch bag. Double score.

I also have anything that comes with a lid. One waterbottle is holding my liquid laundry detergent (it’s cheaper if you buy the refills). Two waterbottles were used this weekend to store my roommate’s kool-aide. Doesn’t she know that she will destroy my tea container with gross kool-aide? Another glass bottle is holding the honey I bought from the farmers roadside stand.

Seriously, this is so much better than buying things to use. I have a bread bag hanging out for another day. I don’t use aluminum foil here, but I’m pretty sure that if I did, I would wipe it off, fold it up, and tuck it away for another day. Just like Mamaw.

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