Mayan Predictions Coming True


This weekend when we visited Southern Chiapas, we were warned multiple times to be careful on Tuesday (today). My friend explained that the indigenous people were expecting an earthquake today. Again and again we were reminded to stay in safe places, and to tell the rest of the family here. I was assured that they were superstitious…

Last week we were told that today was a nation wide earthquake drill. Mexico has been worried because we’ve had an abundance of tremors. This drill was planned for around noon today, and so in the true spirit of the school, we practiced. The drill begins with a normal alarm (though not as loud and piercing as the alarms at home), and we line up in the classroom. When the cow bell sounds (true story), we make our way down to the small soccer field in the middle of the school grounds.

I was telling one of my co-teachers all about the weekend, and how according to the Mayans, we were doomed. All of a sudden, I felt like I was dizzy. The children, who were sitting on the ground, began murmuring and some jumped to their feet.

It happened. The Mayans do know what they’re talking about…

One response

  1. I was working at the computer when it happened. So I grabbed my two girls and ran outside. Luckily, it was a small quake, but my friend in the south part of the city told me they had it pretty rough.
    So yeah, Mayans KNOW STUFF 🙂

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