Jaltenango, Chiapas


On Friday morning bright dark and early (3 am) we hopped on a bus for a trip to Victor’s parent’s house. I’ve been saying for a week that I’m going to media-de-la-nada the middle of nowhere. It’s true!

The best part about traveling at night is you can sleep for hours. When I woke up, I found up there were still hours to go. I also realized that I left my phone at the house–and in turn, my camera!!!! I am so sad I don’t have pictures to share with you.

Victor spent some time in Why-oming, and kept saying, “Welcome to Wyoming!” We passed these gorgeous little ranches with the funniest looking cows I’ve ever seen. We passed corn (in season here) and fields of beans. We passed other cute towns, and soon we arrived in Jaltenango de la Paz.

It was such a good trip! We went to the river to swim both days. The Indians were down there washing clothes the first day. The second day there was heavy equipment taking sand and rocks from the river bed. The sand is used to build these concrete houses we live in. The river was oh-so-refreshing on these hot Mexico days.

We also ate the most delicious food–chicken one day in this tomato sauce. The next day, beef roasted on a fire with fresh salsa. Yuuuummm! I got a lesson in tortilla making. It is a lot like how Mamaw used to make biscuits. She knew the size of dough that fit her hand, and they all turned out looking the same. My tortillas were a failure. Mainly because my fingers aren’t tough, and I couldn’t flip them over. Mami, they call their mom, cooks outside. They built a stove of brick with a metal sheet on top. She feeds the fire and adjusts the wood to control the heat.

After two days of battling mosquitos (they love me), we went to find the bus bound for Tuxtla. It had left two hours past–so we walked around searching for a taxi. The taxis go from town to town, and carry as many people as they can. Once we had three in the back and three in the front. We made it back to Tuxtla much quicker–to be greeted by the heat and noise of the city. How I would love more of those country nights with skies full of stars and only the chickens making noise…

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